Thursday, 7 June 2012

Time Flies So Fast

Lately penyakit "M" is always burden on me..I don't have any ideas what to write, what to cook and what to do at all. Maybe pembawakan budak kot..(alasan jer kan). I'm now in 21 weeks pregnant and 19 weeks to go!.

I'm just counting the date ( not baby birth date ahh..). My last date as a working mom will be ended by this month. Then I will say bye bye to my small cubical, my kampung house and my lovely country. Time to migrate and start to build up new family life together with my lovely husband in Singapore. No more term as "long distance husband and wife". Hope Eisyah will be happy to be with her Abi soon and able to adopt new environment life there. Wish us all the best!

saje jer letak gambar lama...miss time dia kecik2 sbb senang nk jaga sikit masa  tu berbanding sekarang ni.

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